Christel Andrea Steier

Christel Andrea Steier was born in Genkingen on 03/03/1958.
Lives and works in Bernau I’m Schwarzwald.

Studies or work experience training 
1958 born
1989 – 92 Studies in Painting at HAF Hamburg
Continuing Education in Sculpturing by Michael Schützenberger
1993 – 1996 Lecturer and Instructor in Art at VHS Tuttlingen and St. Blasien
since 1993 free artist with own Art Studio

List the most iconic events of his career
2012 Art Award of Naturenergie e.V.
Art Award in Biennale of Drawing, Skopje Macedonia
2011 Scholarship/ Artist in Residence in Poland
2010 Art Medal, Ministry of Culture Republic Iraq
2002 Prix Danielle -Brisson-Drucker: Société des Artistes Français,Paris France
2001 Prix sculptures, Paris France
2000 Prix oeuvres sur papier, Paris, France
1997 Kunstpreis Mummenschanz, Germany

Symposia or artist residencies in which you participated
2009 Zone Zero, Greece
2010 ArtSymposium in Patras, (Zervas Art & UNESCO Greece)
2011 Art Residency Rybnik, Poland
2013 East-West Dialog in Schiedam, Netherlands (big project that coninues)
2014 Residency DFEWA, Ardud, Romania


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